Søren Koch


I'm a senior development engineer at DTU Energy. My work includes developing software for controlling the equipment used in our laboratories, including equipment used in impedance spectroscopy.

As part om my job i am the senior developer and maintainer of the following open source projects:


During my masters project on pegmatites in southern Norway, a program for indexing negatives from the TEM-microscopes vas developed.
It can be accessed online at www.soerko.dk/cgi-soerko/tem.cgi or downloaded for free;

The source code: "crystal.c" includes "vector_math.c" (Both files must be downloaded)

DOS users can download and unzip the file: crystal.zip

Win95/98-users can download and unzip:  Crystal32.zip The sourcecode is available in  Source.zip

My interests are:

Here you can see some pictures from my trip to Sicily, and more important to Etna. The volcano was quite active when i was there.

Søren Koch : soeren at soerko.dk